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Together we can work on your most desired space. It may be a bathroom blitz, perhaps it’s a room addition, reconfiguration of your kitchen area, or even extra spaces for a growing family. It all costs money. You might be lucky and saved some cash to complete your project, or you may have no idea how you are going to fund it! Don’t worry, step-by-step we will support and guide you through how it could be very possible to create your space by using the equity in your home or creating new equity through renovations and value-adding.

We have spent over 20 years in finance lending and have specialised in renovation and construction finance. 

Having a finance arm to our team allows you to determine what your approximate repayments would be on the amount you want to borrow for your project. We can show you how to save money to be able to reduce the cash flow to a point where your renovation may even be able to be covered completely under your current monthly payment. Anything is possible, and you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that finally you can be free of money constraints and also make use of a service to create your perfect surroundings.

So, whether you all cashed-up and ready to proceed, or are in the early stages of finding out exactly what you can achieve for your project, you know that there is help available through our free finance service. You may even save some money!

If your current interest rate is higher than other potential lenders offerings, you may end up paying not much more than you currently are, and with your new project done!​​​


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